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Book an adviser meeting

You can book a meeting with a business adviser to discuss your ideas.

You can still book meetings with a business adviser. Once you have booked a date and time your meeting will take place online. 

If you already have a business idea and have explored our online resources you may be ready to speak with one of our business advisers. 

Each adviser has experience of setting up and running a business or social enterprise and can offer practical advice and constructive feedback on your business plan as well as connect you to funding, investment and new learning opportunities. 

At your first meeting, you will be asked to describe your idea and its commercial potential, and to describe your current circumstances and aspirations.

Book a meeting and get your business or social venture off the ground with help from one of our friendly experienced advisers.

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Accounting, legal and IP support 

We can also help with any accounting and tax, legal and IP questions you may have. Book via the forms below and arrange a time for a virtual meeting with a specialist in this area. The appointment will cover a high level discussion lasting around 30-45 minutes. 

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