Scottish Graduate Programme in Economics

You benefit from the diversity of students

The SGPE attracts a diverse and international student body.

Group of students on the National Monument
© Paul Dodds/The University of Edinburgh

Different backgrounds and cultures

MSc students have common lectures and seminars so they learn together and make lasting friendships. Meeting people who come from different backgrounds and cultures is a major advantage of studying at Edinburgh that will last far beyond the time spent at university. 

The average number of students on the MSc programme is about 65. About 40% are from the European Union and the United Kingdom, and 60% come from outside the EU. Of the non EU students, they come from a range of countries, including Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Chile, Ghana, Iceland, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United States, and about 25% of our overseas students are Chinese.

Information for international students at Edinburgh