School of Divinity

Room Bookings

How to book rooms in New College for events.

If you wish to book a room in New College for a 'core event' eg. teaching , examimations, or other core activities please book through the Web Room Booking channel on MyEd.

Core events list 

If your event is not a core event, please contact Edinburgh First.

Room bookings - conditions of use

  • Due to noise disruption complaints in the past, New College rooms should not be booked for play rehearsals, and all such bookings may be cancelled without notice.
  • Please note, no food or drink should be consumed in New College teaching rooms.
  • The School has precedence over all bookings and retains the right to cancel a booking at any time without need for explanation or recompense. In the event the School exercises this right, the School is not responsible for finding an alternate venue.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is it possible to visit the venue prior to booking?

A. Yes, it is possible for staff and students to visit the rooms during School opening hours. The timetable for all New College rooms is available on the 'Timetabling at Edinburgh' Channel (Launch Web Timetables) on MyEd, which shows when rooms should be available for viewing.

Q. Can I change the layout of the room?

A. Yes but it must be returned to its original arrangement and furniture cannot be removed from the room. Please note this is the responsibility of the booker.

Q. Can I have catering in the room?

A. No food or drink should be consumed in teaching rooms, therefore if you wish to order catering, you would also be required to book Rainy Hall for your event.

Q. Can I use outside catering?

A. For events in University rooms one of the two approved caterers should be used. Links to more details are available at the bottom of this page.

Q. How much will my booking cost?

A. If your event is a 'core event' and is outside normal opening hours then you will be charged by the Timetabling Unit. Please note when booking you should include sufficient time to allow for setting up and clearing up your event.

Q. What type of AV equipment is available in the Martin Hall?

A. Powerpoint is available on the computer in the Martin Hall alongside an overhead projector. There are two tie clips microphones, one handheld radio microphone and one table microphone with a stand - if you require further microphones, these should be arranged directly with LTSTS in advance, by the event organiser.

Q. Does New College have an onsight IT/Audio Technician?

A. No, New College does not have an onsight technician, therefore if you require a technician for your event, this should be booked in advance through Learning Spaces Technology Services by the event organiser.

Learning Spaces Technology Services

Extra 'marginal' charges

If a room is required outside its normal opening hours then marginal charges are applied to cover the costs involved. These charges have three parts:

  • Servitor - Covers the opening and closing of buildings and in some cases the setting up of the room.
  • Cleaning - Covers the costs of cleaning the room after the event.
  • Utilities - Covers power and heating for the venue.