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Theology and Ethics

Wednesdays, 11.10am - 12.50pm, Martin Hall (*unless otherwise noted)

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Semester 1: Autumn 2019

Date  Speaker Topic

*19 September 2019

(*4:10pm on Thursday )

Prof Reinhold Bernhardt


Christological Issues in Reference to a Theology of Religions

25 September 2019

Prof David Fergusson


Post-Chalcedonian Christology: A Modern Scottish Brew

*1, 2, 3 October 2019

Cunningham Lectures

5pm in Martin Hall

Professor Shawn Copeland

(Boston College)

Theology as Political: The Weight, the Yearning, the Urgency of Life

9 October 2019

Jack Williams

Richard Brash


How to Think Philosophically about Religious Conversion

Mediated Immediacy? John Webster on the Doctrine of Revelation


16 October 2019

Prof Anthony Reddie

(Oxford Centre for Religion and Culture)

Theologizing Brexit: A Liberationist and Postcolonial Critique
23 October 2019

Dr Stacey Gutkowski


Jewish ‘Secular’ Millennials in Israel: Attitudes to Ethno-Religious Nationalism

***Co-sponsored with Religious Studies***

*28, 29, and 31 October 2019 and 4, 5, and 7 November 2019

Gifford Lectures

5.30pm, Playfair Library

Professor Dr Michael Welker


Further details


13 November 2019

Dr Medi Ann Volpe


Liberation theology and intellectual disability: Gustavo Gutiérrez and Jean Vanier on poverty and vulnerability

19 November 2019


Dr Martin Accad

(Arab Baptist Theological Seminary) 

Sacred Misinterpreation: Reaching Across the Christian-Muslim Divide  

***Co-sponsored with World Christianity and Christian-Muslim Studies***