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Theology and Ethics

Wednesdays at 4.10pm in the Elizabeth Templeton Lecture Theatre unless otherwise specified.

The seminar is for postgraduates and staff, and others are most welcome. For enquiries, please contact Dr Joshua Ralston (

Semester 2: Spring 2023

Date  Speaker Topic

6-8 February

5.15pm, Elizabeth Templeton Lecture Theatre

Professor Oliver O’Donovan (University of Edinburgh)

Cunningham Lectures

“How Can Theology be Political?”


22 February

Dr Alex Chow (University of Edinburgh)

In the Beginning was the Code: Creation, Creativity, and the Digital World

8 March

Prof Erik Tonning (University of Bergen and Visiting Fellow at the School of Divinity

Modernism, Nominalism, and the Hidden God in Samuel Beckett, Wallace Stevens, and David Jones

Joint seminar with the Scottish Network for Religion and Literature

14 March

Professor Joanildo Albuquerque Burity (Joaqim Nabuco Foundation)

Populism, the conservative wave and religion in Brazil: The Last Ten Years

Joint seminar with World Christianity and Religious Studies


Professor Rachel Muers (University of Edinburgh)

Inaugural Lecture

22 March

Dr Matthew Puffer (Valparaiso University)

The Development of Augustine’s Doctrine of the Imago Dei

Semester 1: Autumn 2022

Date  Speaker Topic

28 September

Professor Rachel Muers, Dr James Eglinton, Dr Ulrich Schmeidel, Dr Alex Chow, and Dr Salam Rassi

Welcome and Roundtable Discussion

Monday 3 October

Dr Bethany Sollereder (University of Edinburgh)

Climate Change is Here: Now What?

Joint Seminar with Science and Religion

5 October

Professor Alison Jack (University of Edinburgh)

When is a Poem a Religious Poem?

Inaugural Lecture as Professor of Bible and Literature

18 October

Professor Jolyon Mitchell (University of Edinburgh)

Religion and Peacebuilding in the Ukraine-Russia Conflict

9 November

Professor Paul Avis (University of Exeter)

Divine Revelation—An Open Question

11 November

Dr Walaa Quisay (University of Edinburgh)

Debates on Hunger Strikes and Prison Resistance: Between Islamic Law and Prison Experiences

Joint seminar with Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

5 December Professor Marius Gunnar Timmann Mjaaland (University of Oslo)

Time, Earth and Climate Change: Reconsidering philosophies of time in the Anthropocene

Location: Baillie Room