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Semester 2: Spring 2020

Date Speaker(s) Topic
17 January

Dr Kimberly Fowler 


Asceticism in Late-Antique Egypt as told through the Book of Thomas the Contender (NHC II,7) 

24 January

Professor Hindy Najman


Constructing the Figure of Ezra in the Hebrew Bible and beyond

31 January 

 Dr Kirsi Cobb 

(Cliff College)

Reading Gomer with Questions: how the experience of intimate partner violence and the presence of religious belief shape the reading of Hosea 2:2-23 

7 February

Dr Sean Adams 


Memory as Overt Allusion Trigger in Ancient Literature

14 February

Professor Noam Mizrahi

(Tel Aviv)

The Enigma of the Eleventh Song of the Sabbath Sacrifice: Poetic Structure and Scriptural Exegesis 

21 February


Jim Leavenworth 

(PhD candidate)


Florenc Mene  

(PhD candidate)

Denying Deliverance: Ignatius of Antioch on the Manumission of Christian Slaves 



Five Nomina Sacra in the Corpus Paulinum: Their Transmission in the First Millennium 


28 February


Emeritus Regius Professor David Ford (Cambridge)

The Gospel of John as a Theological Challenge Now 

6 March 



Dr Jessica Sanford

(University of Wales Trinity Saint David)


A Gendered Reading of Purity and Boundaries in the Dead Sea Scrolls: 4QTohorot A (4Q274) as a Case Study 

13 March


Ted Sung

(PhD candidate)


Heather Pillette

(PhD candidate)

A Voice Fit to Persuade: Literary Strategies for the Autobiographical Setup in Eccl 1:12-2:26 



The Characters of Lamentations 

20 March



Dr Andrew Boakye 



"As Good as Dead": Why Abraham's God Solves Paul's Dilemma in Romans and Galatians 

27 March



Dr Laura Quick 



The Poetics of the Body in 4QWiles of the Wicked Woman 

3 April



Professor Chris Keith

(St Mary's)


Functional, Fluent or a 'Research Language'? Where was Hebrew on Origen's CV?

Semester 1: Autumn 2019

Date Speaker(s) Topic
20 September

Dr Matthew Novenson

Dr Suzanna Millar

(both Edinburgh)

What eschatological pilgrimage of the gentiles?

Dehumanisation: Job’s derision and God’s delight

27 September

Dr Erin Heim

(Wycliffe Hall Oxford) 

Resurrection and the #MeToo Movement: A Constructive Reading of the Resurrected Body in 1 Corinthians 15:35-49

4 October

 Dr Andrew Mein


Reinventing Gog and Magog in the Byzantine Apocalyptic Tradition

*Monday 7 October

1-2pm, Senate Room

Professor Archie Lee


The Darkness Plague and the Creation of Light: Reading Psalm 105: 28 and Gen 1: 1-2 in Chinese Perspectives

***Joint seminar - World Christianity and Biblical Studies***
11 October

Dr David Shepherd

(Trinity College Dublin) 

‘Put him to death for the life of his brother’: The problem of bloodguilt and the peculiar death of Absalom

18 October

Dr Margaret Williams, Honorary Fellow (Edinburgh) 

Impulsore Chresto (Suetonius, Div. Claud. 25.4) – a fresh look at an old problem

25 October

Public lecture

Dr Dale C. Allison

(Princeton Theological Seminary)

Jesus and the End: The Problem of Contingency
1 November

Dr J Thomas Hewitt


Pneuma and Descent According to Paul

8 November

Dr Jo Carruthers


The Politics of Mourning in the story of Esther and Botticelli's 'Derelitta'

15 November

Prof Francis Watson


The Epistula Apostolorum: Why a neglected Dialogue Gospel matters

22 November

No seminar due to Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) conference


29 November

Dr Zanne Domoney-Lyttle


Glasgow  Visual Exegesis in Popular Culture: Re-imagining the Role of Women in Bible Comics