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Biblical Studies

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Semester 1: Autumn 2019

Date Speaker(s) Topic
20 September

Dr Matthew Novenson

Dr Suzanna Millar

(both Edinburgh)

What eschatological pilgrimage of the gentiles?

Dehumanisation: Job’s derision and God’s delight

27 September

Dr Erin Heim

(Wycliffe Hall Oxford) 

Resurrection and the #MeToo Movement: A Constructive Reading of the Resurrected Body in 1 Corinthians 15:35-49

4 October

 Dr Andrew Mein


Reinventing Gog and Magog in the Byzantine Apocalyptic Tradition

*Monday 7 October

1-2pm, Senate Room

Professor Archie Lee


The Darkness Plague and the Creation of Light: Reading Psalm 105: 28 and Gen 1: 1-2 in Chinese Perspectives

***Joint seminar - World Christianity and Biblical Studies***
11 October

Dr David Shepherd

(Trinity College Dublin) 

‘Put him to death for the life of his brother’: The problem of bloodguilt and the peculiar death of Absalom

18 October

Dr Margaret Williams, Honorary Fellow (Edinburgh) 

Impulsore Chresto (Suetonius, Div. Claud. 25.4) – a fresh look at an old problem

25 October

Public lecture

Dr Dale C. Allison

(Princeton Theological Seminary)

Jesus and the End: The Problem of Contingency
1 November

Dr J Thomas Hewitt


Pneuma and Descent According to Paul

8 November

Dr Jo Carruthers


The Politics of Mourning in the story of Esther and Botticelli's 'Derelitta'

15 November

Prof Francis Watson


The Epistula Apostolorum: Why a neglected Dialogue Gospel matters

22 November

No seminar due to Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) conference


29 November

Dr Zanne Domoney-Lyttle


Glasgow  Visual Exegesis in Popular Culture: Re-imagining the Role of Women in Bible Comics