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Biblical Studies

Thursdays, 16.10 - 17.10pm in Rainy Hall and Online, unless otherwise specified

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Semester 1: Autumn 2020

Date Speaker(s) Topic
24 September

Dr Ekaterina Kozlova (London School of Theology) 

Jonah's Psalm and the Intersection of Nature, Ritual, and Theology in the Book of Jonah

8 October

Dr Andrew Boakye (University of Manchester) 

A Justification of Life: Abraham, the Resurrection and a New(ish) Perspective on Romans 5–8

29 October

Professor David Downs (University of Oxford)

The Faithfulness of the Risen Christ in the Pauline Epistles

12 November

Gordon Kennedy (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh)

Eccl 6:3-6: What value is there in abundance

3rd December

Prof Candida Moss (University of Birmingham)

Large Letters: Invisible Labour, Disability, and Paul’s Use of Scribes