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Biblical Studies

Thursdays, 4.10 - 5.40pm in Rainy Hall, unless otherwise specified

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Semester 2: Spring 2022

Date Speaker(s) Topic
20 January

Ellen Howard (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh)


Mireia Vidal Quintero (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh)

The Third Aspect in New Testament Narrative Literature



Trauma and the End of Mark

3 February

Dr Garrick Allen (University of Glasgow)

What's Important about New Testament Manuscripts? Observations from the First Year of the TiNT Project

17 February

Scott Bickle (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh)


Cho Suen Ip (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh)

Where the rûah Blows: Isaiah 40:6-8 and its Structural Function in the Prologue of Deutero-Isaiah


Paul's explicit audience in Romans


10 March


Dr Sarah Nicholson (University of Glasgow)

Special session for Women’s History Month

Survival sex in Bethlehem: Can Ruth make herself a Body without Organs?

24 March

Dr James Aitken (University of Cambridge)

Editing and the formation of biblical writings (Hebrew and Greek)

7 April

Dr Michelle Fletcher (Kings College London)

Daniel 5 and the Unreadable Writing on the Wall

Wednesday 15 June, 4:15pm Dr Anja Klein and Prof Paul Foster Special summer sessions with Edinburgh staff
16 June, 4.15pm Dr Suzanna Millar and Dr Matthew Novenson Special summer sessions with Edinburgh staff

Semester 1: Autumn 2021

Date Speaker(s) Topic
23 September

Dr Katherine Southwood (University of Oxford)

Muted Group Theory and Esther

7 October

David Flood (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh)


Denis Salgado (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh)

Family 0150: A New Family of Manuscript Witnesses to the Text of Paul


ΠΡΟΣ ΡΩΜΑΙΟΥΣ: Romans as a Window into the Development of the Byzantine Apostolos Lectionaries

21 October

Special Session for COP26

Professor David Horrell (University of Exeter)

What Do Biblical Scholars Have to Say to COP26?
4 November Prof Hugh Pyper (University of Sheffield (Emeritus)) Lamentations of the Makars: Acrostics and the Bible in Scots

18 November

Anna Grottoli-Hagelgans (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh)


Charles Cisco (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh)

Why Did John Write His Gospel?



We the People(s): Liberty Under Law in Galatians

2nd December

Dr Catrin Williams (University of Wales Trinity Saint David)

Signs and Scripture in the Gospel of John