School of Divinity

Biblical Studies

Thursdays, 4.10 - 5.40pm in the Elizabeth Templeton Lecture Theatre and online, unless otherwise specified

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Semester 2: Spring 2023

Date Speaker(s) Topic
19 January

Dr Jan Dochhorn (University of Durham)

The Israelite Continuum: Tanakh, Septuagint, Parabiblica, Early Christian Literature, and the Rabbis

2 February

Dr Sarah Parkhouse (University of Manchester)

Fatal Charades and the Christian Imagination


Dr Rebekah Welton (University of Exeter)

‘Others’ and Monsters: Biblical Reception in The Shape of Water and Venom

9 March

Dr Peter Atkins (University of Edinburgh)

The Feathered Man: The Reception of Daniel 4 in Thomas Poyntz’s Tapestry of  Nebuchadnezzar’s Transformation into a Beast

23 March

John Nelson (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh)


Edward Wong (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh)

Don't Behold the Man: The Puzzle of Jesus' Missing Appearance



Evaluating Editorial Stress and Traumatisation in the Fourth Gospel: A Quantitative  Psycholinguistic Approach

6 April

Prof Timothy Lim (University of Edinburgh)

The Canonization of the Song of Songs

Semester 1: Autumn 2022

Date Speaker(s) Topic
Thursday 22 September

Professors Rachel Muers, Jolyon Mitchell & Emma Wild-Wood, and Drs Anja Klein & Salam Rassi, chaired by Dr Holtschneider

Whole School Research Seminar

Inter-disciplinary panel event reflecting on Professor Rachel Muers’ article '"Justly Shall You Pursue Justice": Theological Approaches to Evaluative Injustice'

29 September

Professor Charlotte Hempel (University of Birmingham)

Yahwistic Diversity in the Land of Israel: The Contribution of the Dead Sea Scrolls

13 October

Connor Boyd (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh)


Edmund Leung (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh)

The Septuagint Problem of Jeremiah and Its Bearing on the New Covenant Passage (Jeremiah 31:31–34)


A Narrative-Critical Analysis of Ezek 34:5 in Mark 6:34 in the Lens of Metalepsis

27 October

Dr Nathan MacDonald (University of Cambridge)

Correlating Literary and Textual Criticism in the Tabernacle Accounts of Exodus

10 November

Dr David Johnston (University of St Andrews)

Paul, His Opponents, and Contingency

24 November

Manse Rim (PhD candidate, University of Edinburgh)


Dr Nathanael Vette (University of Edinburgh)

When Messiah Meets Righteousness: 1 Corinthians 1:30 as a Test Case



The Son of Man and the Sea: Jesus and the Sea of Galilee in the Gospel of Mark

1 December

*3.30pm in Rainy Hall

Dr Kelsie Rodenbiker (University of Glasgow)

New Testament Pseudepigraphy and Ancient Authenticity Criticism