School of Divinity

Biblical Studies

Fridays, 11:15am - 12:30pm, Martin Hall

Semester 1

22 Sept 2017

Dr. Jane Heath, Durham University, “Picturing the Scriptures with Irenaeus, or, Meeting God in the Library”

29 Sept

Prof. Markus Bockmuehl, University of Oxford, “The Fourth Gospel on Knowing God”

6 Oct

Chris Lee, University of Edinburgh, “‘You Shall Surely Die’: The Meaning of Genesis 2:17” and Dr. David Reimer, University of Edinburgh, “Once Again, Jeremiah 43:6bα”

13 Oct 

Prof. Cindy Chapman, Oberlin College, “The Hebrew Mother of Seven: An Ingathering of Antecedents”

20 Oct 

Teresa McCaskill, University of Edinburgh, “A Disservice to Diakonia? Pressing Beyond ‘Service’ and Ministry’ to Appraise the Charisma of Rom 12:7 in a Gentile Cultic Context” and Jacob Peterson, University of Edinburgh, “GA 1739: A Monk, His Manuscript, and the Text of Paul”

27 Oct 

Prof. Yvonne Sherwood, University of Kent, “Grammars of Sacrifice: Futures, Subjunctives, and what would/could have happened on Mount Moriah”

3 Nov

Brian Bunnell, University of Edinburgh, “The Kingdom of God before Christianity” and Simeon Burke, University of Edinburgh, “The Sayings of Jesus as Maxims: The Patristic Use of the ‘Render to Caesar’ Command as a Case Study”

10 Nov

Prof. Susan Ackerman, Dartmouth College, “Drumming Away Demons”

17 Nov

No seminar this week

24 Nov Prof. Graeme Auld, University of Edinburgh, “Following Words: Pairing Kings”
1 Dec  

Prof. Anne Katrine de Hemmer Gudme, University of Copenhagen, “In the Presence of the Dead: Traces of Mortuary Ritual Practices in Roman Palestine” N.B. On 1 Dec the seminar will meet in the Elizabeth Templeton Lecture Room.