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New dataset: "White Matter Hyperintensities Evolution Patterns 1 Year Post-lacunar Stroke and their association with post-stroke cognition"

Publicly available medical image analysis dataset, downloadable from Datashare.

Authors: Valdés Hernández, Maria; Grimsley-Moore, Tara; Sakka, Eleni; Thrippleton, Michael J.; Chappell, Francesca M.; Armitage, Paul A.; Makin, Stephen; Wardlaw, Joanna M.
Publication date: June 2021



Lacunar strokes are a common type of ischemic stroke. They are associated with long-term disability, but the factors affecting the dynamic of the infarcted lesion and the brain imaging features associated with them, reflective of small vessel disease (SVD) severity, are still largely unknown. We investigated whether the distribution, volume and 1-year evolution of white matter hyperintensities (WMH), one of these SVD features, relate to the extent and location of these infarcts, accounting for vascular risk factors and to cognition 1 and 3 years after the stroke. This dataset contains the scripts and the voxel-wise results from our investigations in patients [n = 118, mean age 64.9 (SD 11.75) years old] who presented to a regional hospital with a lacunar stroke syndrome within the years 2010 and 2013 and consented to participate in a study of stroke mechanisms.

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