Dr Michael Thrippleton (PhD (cantab))

Clinical Scientist, Senior Research Fellow


After graduating with a MSci in Natural Sciences, I remained at Cambridge University to obtain a PhD in the development of novel magnetic resonance (MR) pulse sequences. During this time I developed several techniques including the Thrippleton-Keeler filter for suppression of zero-quantum coherence artefacts. Following postdoctoral research in solid-state MR at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Glasgow, I joined the University of Edinburgh in 2008 to work with Professor Hilary Critchley on a clinical trial of MR imaging of patients with uterine fibroids.

In my current role I support a large number of academic and commercial clinical studies requiring MR imaging. In 2016 I helped to establish the Edinburgh Imaging Facility at the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, where I continue to provide scientific input to facility operation. My research focus is presently advanced neuroimaging in cerebral small vessel disease and other conditions, including DCE-MRI and cerebrovascular reactivity measurement.


GitHub page (including Matlab software for processing DCE-MRI, relaxometry and magnetisation transfer ratio/saturation.)


HCPC-registered Clinical Scientist

Chartered Scientist

Full Member, Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine

Full Member, International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

PhD Natural Science, University of Cambridge

M.Sci Natural Sciences (First Class), University of Cambridge


Responsibilities & affiliations

Senior Research Fellow  (Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences, Dementia Research Institute)

Medical Physicist and MR Safety Expert, Edinburgh Imaging Facility (Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh)

Undergraduate teaching

"Quantitative MRI" lecture, Department of Physics

Postgraduate teaching

Neuroimaging for Research MSc

Imaging MSc

  • creation of online teaching material
  • tutoring, marking

Current PhD students supervised

Emilie Sleight

Cameron Manning

Alasdair Morgan


Past PhD students supervised

Yulu Shi

Anna Heye

Jehill Parikh


Research summary

My research is currently focused on the development of advanced MR imaging techniques and their application in neurological diseases.

Disease areas:

  • Cerebral small vessel disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Pre-term birth


  • Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging of the brain
  • Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI (DCE-MRI) for probing the blood-brain barrier
  • MR cerebrovascular reactivity imaging
  • MR imaging of fluid flow
  • MR spectroscopy and brain temperature measurement
  • MR relaxometry
  • Magnetisation transfer
  • MR phantom development


Past research interests:

  • Solution-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)
    • pulse sequence development
    • diffusion measurement
    • accelerated acquisition and artefact reduction
  • Solid-state NMR of spin-half and quadrupolar nuclei
  • In-vivo and ex-vivo MRI of the uterus

Knowledge exchange

Member of HARNESS initiative to disseminate and standardise neuroimaging protocols for measuring the contributions of vascular disease to dementia and neurodegeneration.

Lead, HARNESS blood-brain barrier permeability group (consensus paper, Alzherimers & Dementia)

Taskforce lead, Open Source Initiative for Perfusion Imaging (OSIPI)


Affiliated research centres

Project activity

Current clinical studies:

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British Chapter ISMRM 2014 Meeting and Workshop