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Write CVs and applications

Writing CVs and cover letters, completing application forms, taking aptitude tests, and preparing for interviews and assessment centres

You’ll have gained a lot from doing your postgraduate qualification, but employers won’t automatically recognise that. It’s up to you to “sell it” to them. If your degree is vocational or the subject is relevant to the job, this can be more straightforward. If not, you'll have to demonstrate to employers how your postgraduate degree has enhanced your skill set beyond your undergraduate degree.  What skills have you developed, beyond the subject-specific ones, during your Masters?  

Understand yourself

How to write your CV

Advice on what to include in your CV and how to structure it

CV360 for instant feedback

Make use of CV360 to get instant feedback on your CV before booking a feedback appointment with us.

How to write your cover letter

Advice on what to include in your cover letter and how to structure it.

Examples of CVs and cover letters

Access a range of examples of CVs and cover letters.

Referees and references

Information on references including how many references you will have to provide, who you should ask, what information you need to provide and references for postgraduate study.

How to complete an application form

How to answer common application form questions

Explaining your qualifications

Answers to key questions about how to present your qualifications in applications.

Applications and CVs for further study

Advice on applying for further study, including examples of CVs and personal statements.

Build your commercial awareness

Employers expect applicants to show evidence of commercial or business awareness. Find out how to develop this.

Sharing your disability

Advice on whether, when and how to share your disability with an employer.