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All the news from 2021.

Scientists solve the grass leaf conundrum

Grass is cut regularly by our mowers and grazed on by cows and sheep, yet continues to grow back. The secret to its remarkable regenerative powers lies in part in the shape of its leaves, but how that shape arises has been a topic of longstanding debate.

Black children overlooked in scar tissue disorder tests, study says

An immune disease that can damage vital organs – and is supposedly rare in young people – is more common than previously thought among Black children, a study suggests.

Scottish school pupils help climate action in Nepal

Young people from ten Scottish primary schools have helped to counter the impact of climate change in Nepal.

Giovanni Stracquadanio awarded EPSRC Early Career Fellowship

Giovanni Stracquadanio, a senior lecturer in synthetic biology and co-director of the Edinburgh Genome Foundry, is the recipient of UK government fellowship that helps early career researchers with the greatest potential to develop world-leading research.

New study challenges understanding of pandemic preparedness and resilience in Africa

Countries in Africa assessed as being least vulnerable to an epidemic were the worst affected by Covid-19, new research suggests.

Tribute and obituary for Professor Richard Carter

Professor Richard Carter, a world-leader in the biology of malaria parasites, died aged 76 on the 4th September 2021.