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Data Skills Workforce Development

This portfolio of short, standalone courses is designed to enable employees to upskill or working professionals to reskill through online or blended learning in the area of digital data.


McEwan Hall
This portfolio of standalone courses aims to give the workforce the tools to upskill and reskill in the field of digital data.


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Further information about courses, including links to the full course outlines.

Eligibility and Funding

Conference Grants
Advice on the eligibility criteria and how to apply for a fee waiver from a course in the Data Skills Workforce Development portfolio.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to some frequently asked questions about the Data Skills Workforce Development portfolio.

How to Apply

Further information on the application process and how you can apply.

Student Support

What is Occupational Health?
Further information on the support available to students through the Bayes Education Team and additional support and resources available across the University.