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Status Service (click to view stats) Status Service (click to view stats)
All is well Central WIKI Service All is well Electronic Journals
All is well Euclid web All is well Exchange Mail and Diary
All is well Kinetix (KX) All is well Learn
All is well Library Catalogue All is well Moodle
All is well MyEd All is well Office365
All is well Staffmail All is well University WebSite
All is well Learn channel

Current alerts

Title Date/Time Impact Description of work Status
Streaming Media Server unavailable From: 23-Apr-2014 - 07:00AM
To:      24-Apr-2014 - 12:00PM

From: 24-Apr-2014 - 12:00PM
To:      24-Apr-2014 - 03:00PM

degraded service

At Risk
UPDATE AS AT 15:15 hours - IS Architecture have been unsuccessful in restoring the BOOT array so a non-destructive OS re-install will take place tomorrow at 08:00 A restart of the Podcasting and Streaming Media server was carried out at 07:00 hours th Unplanned
IDM and VRS services and notifications unavailable From: 22-Apr-2014 - 07:00AM
To:      23-Apr-2014 - 05:00PM

From: 23-Apr-2014 - 05:00PM
To:      24-Apr-2014 - 05:00PM

degraded service

At Risk
Identity Management(IDM) and Visitor Registration Service (VRS) unavailable, from 07:00 on Tuesday 22nd April until 17:00 on Wednesday 23rd April. There will be a further 24 hour At Risk from 17:00 on Wednesday 23rd April until 17:00 on Thursday 24th Apri Planned
Delayed IDM account change notification to Pebblep From: 23-Apr-2014 - 05:00PM
To:      24-Apr-2014 - 09:00AM
degraded service
Degraded Service
Delayed notification of account changes to Pebblepad resulting from the IDM SOA 11g upgrade. Unplanned
Essential Core Database Maintenance From: 24-Apr-2014 - 05:00PM
To:      25-Apr-2014 - 12:00AM

From: 25-Apr-2014 - 12:00AM
To:      25-Apr-2014 - 10:00AM

degraded service

At Risk
Core Database Maintenance, Thursday 24th April, from 17:00 until 00:00(midnight). At risk between 00:00(midnight) and 10:00 on Friday 25th April. See Expected Impact for systems affected. Planned
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