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Status Service (click to view stats) Status Service (click to view stats)
All is well Central WIKI Service All is well Electronic Journals
All is well Euclid web All is well Kinetix (KX)
All is well Learn All is well Library Catalogue
All is well Moodle All is well MyEd
All is well Office365 All is well Staffmail
All is well University WebSite

Current alerts

Title Date/Time Impact Description of work Status
Peeblepad IDM feed - Processing failure
  • ID Management
From: 09-Dec-2014 - 12:20AM
To:      23-Dec-2014 - 12:20AM
14 days
Delayed staff and student account change notification to Pebblepad. Unplanned

Hope Park Square & 14-15, Buccleuch Place Network
  • Other
03:20PM - 04:50PM
1 hour 30 minutes
Hope Park Square and 14-15, Buccleuch Place are currently without network. Network services have made an initial investigation but can see no problems on monitoring equipment so further investigation will need to take place. There is potential that this p Unplanned

From: 19-Dec-2014 - 04:50PM
To:      22-Dec-2014 - 09:50AM
2 days 17 hours
At risk
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