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Status of key services

Status Service (click to view stats) Status Service (click to view stats)
All is well Central WIKI Service All is well Electronic Journals
All is well Euclid web All is well Kinetix (KX)
All is well Learn All is well Library Catalogue
All is well Moodle All is well MyEd
All is well Office365 All is well Staffmail
All is well University WebSite

Current alerts

Title Date/Time Impact Description of work Status
Delay processing Exchange account changes From: 31-Jul-2014 - 03:00PM
To:      04-Aug-2014 - 03:00PM
degraded service
Degraded Service
The Exchange provisioner that processes changes from the IDM and creates new accounts and updates existing accounts on Office 365 is currently not connecting to the new server. Changes are being queued and will not be lost. Unplanned
Webhost1 Unavailable From: 01-Aug-2014 - 02:15PM
To:      04-Aug-2014 - 02:15PM
Webhost1 will be unavailable over the weekend while we work to restore from backup after a critical security incident. Data from 4th July is likely to be lost as a result. Unplanned
EveryonePrint Unavailable From: 01-Aug-2014 - 02:55PM
To:      04-Aug-2014 - 02:55PM
Service will be restored after webhost1 is rebuilt Unplanned
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Service availability reports

Availability of key online services is recorded and reported monthly basis.

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