Linguistics and English Language

Labs and facilities

Research facilities available across the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Admiral's laboratory

Sixteen experiment booths in 7 George Square

Computing labs

Multi-seat computing labs

Developmental lab

A state-of-the-art facility for infant/child research on the development of language and cognition

Perception laboratory

Four sound-deadened booths for running perceptual and psycholinguistics experiments

Speech production facility

Two Carstens Electromagnetic Articulographs with simultaneous acoustic recording, palatography and data analysis software

Informatics Forum experiment booths

Eight sound-deadened booths for running perceptual and psycholinguistic experiments

Recording studios

A range of acoustically-isolated rooms, including a near-anechoic chamber

Psychology and Philosophy and library

Linguistics and English Language students have access to this dedicated library in the Psychology building, 7 George Square

Psychology and Philosophy library