Molecular Epidemiology Group

Our cohorts

Core group members are leading a number of cohorts, pooling resources together when possible. If you are interested in collaboration using these resources, please contact study PI directly.

Our cohorts include:

The Aspirin for Asymptomatic Atherosclerosis Trial (PI Professor Jackie Price)

The AAA Trial is the first to address the use of aspirin in individuals with no known vascular disease identified as being potentially at risk based on ABI screening.

Croatian studies (PIs Professors Igor Rudan, Harry Campbell, and Caroline Hayward)

Croatian studies are genetic epidemiology studies st up with aim to contribute to the discovery of genetic factors that are influencing complex traits.

The Edinburgh Artery Study (coordinated by Professor Jackie Price)

The EAS was established to examine the frequency and risk factors for symptomatic and asymptomatic peripheral arterial disease in the general population.

The Edinburgh Type 2 Diabetes Study (PI Professor Jackie Price)

The ET2DS is an ongoing study looking mainly at cognitive decline, as well as risk factors for vascular disease and liver dysfunction, in people with type 2 diabetes.

The Multiple Sclerosis in the Northern Isles of Scotland Study (PI Professor Jim Wilson)

The NIMS is set to investigate the genetic and other factors which might contribute to the risk of developing MS, using state-of-the-art genomic methods

The Orkney Complex Disease Study (PI Professor Jim Wilson)

ORCADES is a genetic epidemiology study based in an isolated population in the north of Scotland.

The Study Of Colorectal Cancer in Scotland (PI Professor Harry Campbell)

SOCCS is a case-control study looking at the link between vitamin D levels and colorectal cancer.

Viking Health Study - Shetland (PI Professor Jim Wilson)

The VIKING study is a genetic epidemiology study based in an isolated population in the north of Scotland.