Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine

Critical Care and the Edinburgh International Science Festival

Edinburgh Critical Care Research Group is the family favourite at the Edinburgh Science Festival 2016.

3000 visitors came to hear about ECCRG’s research over 5 days at the Edinburgh International Science Festival this year. The group were highly praised for their engaging activity that explained sedation in ICU and a novel way to monitor it. For more information about the clinical trial please follow the link (DESIST)

Researcher talks to children
Louise Boardman


Scientist talks to children
Dr Nazir Lone
Research nurse talks to children
Gillian Andrew



‘It was the best part of the day for us – I didn’t expect to learn so much myself and my children loved dressing up as doctors and using the real sensors that were used in the actual research’

Jen- Mother of Dan and Katie


Research nurses talk to child
Jo Thompson and Gosha Wojcik











ECCRG’s nurses and doctors took time out of their busy schedules to talk to children and families about what it means to work in an Intensive Care Unit and the importance of carrying out clinical research in order to provide better health outcomes for patients. Visitors really appreciated the opportunity to ask nurses and doctors questions about their work and were inspired by the conversations around it.


Researcher talks to parents and children
Alastair Lang


‘I was thinking about being a scientist but I like helping people so now I think I could be a nurse who does science - that would be really good’

Sophie (Age 7)

Edinburgh Critical Care Research Group are currently planning forth coming public engagement events, details will appear on our website soon.