Advanced Care Research Centre

Research Overview

Research activities are core to the work of the Advanced Care Research Centre, advancing our understanding and driving forward innovation.

Research, Translation, Innovation, Engagement

The Advanced Care Research Centre will deliver world-leading inter-disciplinary and cross-sectoral research, which translates into health and social care policy and practice, building and informing the development of new companies, products and services and informing the wider societal response to the challenges of population aging.

Our programmes of research, development and translation

Alongside the uniquely interdisciplinary Academy PhD programme, our work encompasses programmes of core work to deliver improvement in care in later life.

Stakeholder engagement programme

We will use multiple channels of engagement and dissemination to stimulate a broad, informed debate about how the health and care sector and wider society should respond to the growing challenge of an ageing population. The aim is to assemble the expertise, evidence and environment to create the ‘go to’ source for care policymakers seeking insight and inspiration.