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Study shows that poverty is linked to higher risk of mortality from Covid-19 in Scotland.

The study led by Dr Nazir Lone, found that of the 735 patients with Covid admitted to ICU, about a quarter were from the most deprived quintile compared with 13% from the least deprived quintile.

After 30 days, death rates were significantly higher in patients from the most deprived places in Scotland, after accounting for other factors such as age and sex.

Hospitals in the most deprived health boards were also more likely to have higher peak in demand for intensive care beds, and to be operating over their normal capacity for longer. A number of factors could be driving the link between poverty and severe disease, including poor housing, increased use of public transport and the financial pressure to continue working.

Dr Nazir Lone
Dr Nazir Lone
The most deprived communities, and the hospitals that serve them, will need extra support as the pandemic continues.
Dr Nazir Lone

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