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Patients with Central Nervous System Tumours at Higher Risk of Dying from Cardiovascular Disease.

Incidence rates are increasing for CNS tumours and based on limited data, these patients may be at risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD) mortality.

An analysis of over 170,000 patients with CNS tumours in two large UK and US population-based cohorts shows CVD mortality is the greatest single noncancer cause of death among malignant and nonmalignant CNS tumours, and contributes to significantly worse CNS cancer survival.

CVD mortality risk, particularly from cerebrovascular disease, were elevated among patients diagnosed under the age of 50 years and within the first year after CNS tumour diagnosis.

Future work needs to delineate factors including whether treatment and/or localized or systemic effects of tumours are associated with CVD death among CNS tumour patients.

The analysis demonstrated the most comprehensive quantitative estimates of CVD mortality burden among malignant and nonmalignant CNS tumours, which provides important implications in clinical practice and can shed a light for future study.

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