Edinburgh Research Office

Export Control

Guidance on export control legislation and relevant policies, information about who is responsible for complying with export control legislation, and how to apply for an export licence.

What is export control?

UK export control refers to a set of legal restrictions on the transfer of certain goods, technology, software and knowledge from the United Kingdom to a destination or destinations outside the UK.

What items are controlled?

Information about export control lists and exemptions.

Who must comply with export legislation?

Individual academics and researchers have obligations and responsibility to ensure legal compliance with export control legislation.

How to apply for an export control licence

In some cases, it may be necessary to apply for an export licence from the UK Export Control Organisation to carry out an activity related to your research.

Export control policies and further information

Links to export control policies and further information.

Export Control Training

There are a range of export control training opportunities available to University of Edinburgh staff and students.