Records Management

Central support

Information about the support Records Management provide to help staff across the University comply with information legislation and records management best practice.

The Records Management Section supports the University's compliance with information legislation and the implementation of records management best practice.

Records Management Section

The Records Management Section provides the following services and support:

  • Advice, guidance and training on freedom of information requests and subject access requests under data protection law
  • Procedures and advice on responding to non-routine requests for information
  • Guidance to help you implement records management best practice

More information about the Records Management Section

Organisational Structure

The Records Management Section report directly to the Senior Solicitor & Records Management Manager.

Records Management work closely with, but separately from the University Data Protection Officer. For guidance on data protection (apart from subject access requests) see the separate data protection website.

Data protection website

Staff list

List of records management staff (restricted to University staff) (secured)

External representation

The University of Edinburgh is a member of the Scottish Higher Education Information Practitioners Group (SHEIP).

Information about SHEIP