The Principal's Office

Selection process

The Selection Panel will consider all nominations and the Chair will make their recommendations to the Principal who will make the final decision.

Nominees will be contacted only if they are to be offered an Award. Nominators will be informed during the summer whether or not their nomination has been successful.

It is intended that one award in each category (Teaching, Research, Impact, and Rising Star) will be made although this is subject to variation depending on the nominations received.

Successful nominees must make themselves available for the Chancellor’s Award dinner, held in the autumn, to receive their award.

There will be internal and external communication of the awards, which may involve Award winners in public speaking engagements, lectures, seminars and other similar events.

The Selection Panel relies on the nomination form being an accurate and complete description of the reasons why an award should be bestowed. The University of Edinburgh reserves the right to withdraw the award at any point.

Selection Panel

Chair: Professor Peter Mathieson, Principal

Panel Members:

  • Dr Beth Biller – Previous winner of Rising Star Award (membership is on a 2 year rotation)
  • Professor Dorothy Miell, Vice-Principal & Head of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Professor Moira Whyte, Head of the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine
  • Professor James Smith, Vice-Principal International
  • Professor Dave Robertson, Vice-Principal & Head of the College of Science and Engineering
  • Ms Ellen MacRae, President of EUSA