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Other events not listed here can be found on the individual pages of talk series and reading groups.

Talk series and reading groups 



04 Oct
08 Oct
09 Oct
  • Language evolution seminar
    • Vocal communication in our great ape relatives, the bonobos and chimpanzees: Insights into the evolution of language
10 Oct
11 Oct
  • Linguistic Circle
    • Predicting the future: diachronic change in passive and impersonal constructions (Joan Maling)
15 Oct
16 Oct
17 Oct
22 Oct
23 Oct
24 Oct
  • Language variation and change
    • Variation in French partial interrogatives: social meaning as a key factor to understand sociolinguistic norm violations (Gabriel Thiberge)
25 Oct
29 Oct
31 Oct
07 Nov
08 Nov
15 Nov
21 Nov
  • Language variation and change
    • Accounting for the fronted BATH vowel in Indian English: globalied variant, word frequency effect, or foreign /a/? (Claire Cowie & Zuzana Elliott Slosarova)
29 Nov
22 Nov
05 Dec
  • Language variation and change
    • Almost perfect: aspectual and temporal representations of the pretérito perfecto in the Spanish-speaking world (Carlos Soler Montes)
06 Dec
13 Dec
  • Linguistic Circle
    • Applying Corpus Linguistics to health(care) communication (Elena Semino)



23 Jan
20 Feb
  • Language variation and change
    • A Phonetic Analysis of the which-witch merger in Edinburgh (Josef Fruehwald, Lauren Hall-Lew, Zac Boyd, Claire Cowie, Mirjam Eiswirth and Zuzana Elliott Slosarova)