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Other events not listed here can be found on the individual pages of talk series and reading groups.

Talk series and reading groups 



07 Oct
  • Sociolinguistics reading group
    • The sociolinguistic functions of codeswitching between Standard Arabic and Dialectal Arabic (online discussion)
  • Linguistic Circle
    • Multimodality and Linguistics. Or, A sequel to what does the selfie got to do with linguistics? (Sumin Zhao - online)
08 Oct
11 Oct
14 Oct
  • Linguistic Circle
    • Word-medial strengthening in Mixtecan languages (Christian DiCanio - online)
15 Oct
  • Cognitive linguistics seminar
    • Salience, attention, and perception. In Entrenchment and the psychology of language learning: How we reorganize and adapt linguistic knowledge (online discussion)
  • Language in context seminar
    • "Hey Siri, why don't you understand me?" Speech and Language Technologies, Language Variation & Algorithmic Bias (Nina Markl - online)
19 Oct
21 Oct
  • Sociolinguistics reading group
    • Emoticons as a medium for channeling politeness within American and Japanese online blogging communities (online discussion)
22 Oct
25-26 Oct Bilingualism Matters Research Symposium 2021 (external website)
28 Oct
29 Oct
02 Nov
  • Meaning and grammar seminar
    • Internalist Investigations of Representation and Reference: Copredication as a Case Study (Elliot Murphy - online)
04 Nov
05 Nov
11 Nov
12 Nov
16 Nov
18 Nov
  • Sociolinguistics reading group
    • Racializing language, regimenting Latinas/os: Chronotope, social tense, and American raciolinguistic futures (online discussion)
19 Nov
25 Nov
26 Nov
30 Nov
02 Dec
03 Dec
09 Dec
10 Dec
16 Dec
17 Dec