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What's on in Linguistics and English Language

Other events not listed here can be found on the individual pages of talk series and reading groups.

Talk series and reading groups 



02 Nov
03 Nov
06 Nov
  • Cognitive linguistics seminar
    • Change from dynamic modality to conditionality and the meanings of the conditional protasis
  • Language in context seminar
    • Sociolinguistics in 2020: The Lothian Diary Project (Lauren Hall-Lew, Claire Cowie, Catherine Lai, Nina Markl & Stephen McNulty - online)
10 Nov
12 Nov
  • Linguistic Circle
    • The impact of attentional centering on ergative marking in Tima (Gertrud Schneider-Blum - online)
13 Nov
16 Nov
  • Bilingualism research group
    • Bilingualism as a neuroprotective factor in ageing: Insights from healthy and clinical populations (Toms Voits online)
17 Nov
20 Nov
24 Nov
23 Nov
26 Nov
27 Nov
30 Nov
04 Dec
10 Dec
  • Linguistic Circle
    • Southern Multilingualisms: towards a decolonization of African sociolinguistics (Sinfree Makoni - online
11 Dec
14 Dec
  • Bilingualism research group
    • L1/L2 differences in lingering misinterpretation and individual differences in L2 research (Ian Cunnings online)



10-12 Jun
04-06 Aug