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Keeping warm at work

As colder weather sets in, staff are reminded to consult the University’s Space Temperature Standard if they are too hot or cold in their work environment.

This policy provides guidance to what is a reasonable room temperature, and what measures can be taken to adjust heating or cooling if the temperature falls above or below what is expected.

Reasonable temperatures

The University aims to provide a working room temperature of 20-21°C in academic and administrative spaces between September and May.

Normal heating times run from 9am-5pm, although heating circuits are enabled to pre-heat buildings prior to opening up and ensure that heat remains at the end of the day.

Buildings operating outside these times may have heating times extended by agreement with relevant Estates & Buildings Premises Managers on receipt of a formal EBIS request.

Controlling heat

Thermostatic Radiator Valves should be fitted to all radiators for local control in a range of 10-22°C.

Users should adjust TRVs by very small increments to achieve comfortable conditions.

Minimal adjustments are recommended as each degree above 21°C causes an estimated eight per cent increase in utilities costs and gas emissions.

Reporting problems

If staff experience consistent overheating or underheating in their area, it should be reported to Estates and Buildings via their local EBIS rep.

Where no EBIS rep is listed for your building the works division repairline should be called.


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