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Athena SWAN

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What has Edinburgh Clinical Medical School Athena Swan ever done for us?

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A film showcasing the achievements of the Athena Swan teams in the Deaneries of Clinical Sciences, and Molecular Genetic and Population Health, at the University of Edinburgh.

This video represents the contributions of a number of dedicated volunteers, in their spare time, like much of the work of the Athena Swan team!  


New PIs and ESAT fellows were at a vulnerable stage in their careers:

  • We carried out a survey of ESAT fellows to determine specific area to support their careers
  • Established a Research leadership course for new PIs with specific training requirements
  • Establishing an early post-doctoral training scheme (UE6/7)

We want more information on flexible working:

  • We ran lunchtime forum on flexible working and held a part-time researchers’ conference.

Athena SWAN is all about academics:

  • We ran a professional services workshop to capture key career-related issues
  • The report was circulated to all the attendees, presented at College Strategy Group and incorporated actions into our 3-year 2019 Athena SWAN ACTION PLAN.
  • We ran three Inspiring People days that featured keynote external and several of our own PS staff.

My P&DR was not helpful

  • We ran P&DR lunchtime fora to support both appraiser and appraisee
  • We included tick boxes to encourage and monitor Unconscious Bias & Equality and Diversity training

We haven’t received an induction

  • We encouraged all Centres to have a local induction and welcome event for all new staff

It is difficult for senior clinical academics to receive mentoring

  • We established a WREN (Work Shadowing PRogramme for Women) for senior clinical academics
  • We established ‘Lean-in’ circles targeted at intermediate clinical research staff

The full range of skills and experiences aren’t considered in promotion

  • We encouraged all HoC to complete a proforma and report the reason if promotion is not discussed during P&DR for all UE08 and UE09 staff (and clinical equivalents)
  • We are establishing a ‘promotion buddy program’ for clinical academics applying for promotion
  • We aim to develop a training matrix for early career researchers to highlight courses available

More support should be in place for early career researchers when returning to work after absence

  • We have established a ‘caring for carers’ grant scheme
  • We have funds available for returners to work