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Ian Macneil's Galley Castles Database

The late Ian Macneil gathered a great deal of data on the Hebridean 'Galley-Castles' in preparation for his 2006 article, 'Kisimul Castle and the Origins of the Hebridean Galley-Castles: Preliminary Thoughts', published in Kruse, A. & Ross, A. (eds.) (2006) Barra and Skye: Two Hebridean Perspectives. Edinburgh: The Scottish Society for Northern Studies. In the years that followed, he expanded this database considerably.

For those interested in pursuing the provenance of the Galley-Castles, Ian's database can be found here. It is free to download for personal and educational use, but may not be reproduced in whole or in part for commercial purposes. As the file dates to 2010, you may encounter compatibility issues. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any technical support getting this to work on more modern systems.

Ian also produced a number of maps based on the information in his database. These can be downloaded via the links below:

Map 1: Norse-Celtic Seaways

Map 2: The Sudreys

Map 3: Missing Castles on Scottish Islands Named by Fordun

Map 4: Norse-Celtic Seaways: Coastal Castles

Map 5: The Western Seaboard of the UK


Norse-Celtic Seaways