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Migration, Mobility & Momentum flier

In recent years, the themes of 'migration' and 'mobility' have dominated political and social discourse in both the UK and the Nordic countries. They have also given renewed momentum to the development of Scandinavian Studies at the University of Edinburgh. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly clear that the future use and possible misuse of our shared natural and cultural resources are issues of critical importance to individuals and institutions alike.

Scandinavian Studies' forthcoming symposium, 'Migration, Mobility and Momentum in the North', will explore these issues from a range of different cultural and temporal perspectives. We will begin with the historically early dimension of the Nordic diaspora, namely the Viking Age, with new angles on infrastructure, seafaring and the exchange of ideas in art and politics all featuring heavily in the agenda. These issues will, in turn, provide a long term context for the more recent Nordic and Celtic migrations to North America. Mobility across the North Sea will also be reconsidered from a modem perspective, including links cemented during the Second World War. In terms of cultural mobility, translation of literature from the Nordic languages to English will feature prominently, with modern migration and its cultural reflections also being highlighted in studies of recent Nordic transcultural literature. This topic is especially timely given the emergence of new minorities within the Nordic sphere and challenges to mobility within Europe, as typified by the currently uncertain future relationship between the UK and the European Union. Reflections on diaspora as a global phenomenon and a subject of academic study will tie together the historical aspect and the current movement of people and its cultural expressions.

This symposium has been made possible by the generous support of Samarbetsnämnden för Nordenundervisning i utlandet, and the University of Edinburgh.


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