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Past events

Selected seminars, conferences, lectures, film screenings, exhibitions, and workshops in European Languages and Cultures (2015 -).

DELC Research Seminar Series (DRSS)

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The DELC Research Seminar Series (DRSS) encourages collaboration and co-production between staff and students across European Languages and Cultures and beyond.

Each series is designed on a transversal exploration of a common theme, for example Decolonising Minds and Methods (2021 to 2022).

Typically, each event consists of:

  1. a workshop co-produced by staff and students
  2. a seminar presented by a guest speaker
  3. a roundtable discussion led by respondents​​​​​​

Conferences and symposia

Dates: 20 September 2019

Venue: 50 George Square, University of Edinburgh

In brief: A one-day workshop organised by the Association of University Professors and Heads of French (AUPHF), co-sponsored by the Society for French Studies and the French Embassy. Focusing on changing mindsets and rethinking the value of languages in a time of crisis, the event brought together stakeholders from Universities, Schools and Cultural Institutes to celebrate and share positive examples of French and Francophone teaching of language and culture. The event culminated with a roundtable discussion on advocacy, lobbying and policy making.

Lectures, talks, discussions and readings

Film screenings and festivals

Cinema poster for La Princesse de Montpensier

Date: 27 June 2018

Venue: 50 George Square, University of Edinburgh

Organiser: Dr Séverine Genieys-Kirk 

In brief: A public screening of Bertrand Tavernier​​​​​​'s 2010 film La Princesse de Montpensier [The Princess of Montpensier] shown in collaboration with The French Institute as part of the two-day event, Cultural Encounters Between North, South, West And East. Inspired by a novel by an iconic seventeenth-century French woman writer, the film was introduced by Dr Séverine Genieys-Kirk based on her research ‘Women of the past, Reception of women writers: Madame de La Fayette as a case study’.

Related research: Cultural Encounters/Dialogues; Learning to see the power of women

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Exhibitions, workshops and performances