Department of European Languages and Cultures

Past events

Selected seminars, conferences, lectures, film screenings, exhibitions, and workshops in European Languages and Cultures (2015 -).

DELC Research Seminar Series (DRSS)

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The DELC Research Seminar Series (DRSS) encourages collaboration and co-production between staff and students across European Languages and Cultures and beyond.

Each series is designed on a transversal exploration of a common theme, for example Decolonising Minds and Methods (2021 to 2022).

Typically, each event consists of:

  1. a workshop co-produced by staff and students
  2. a seminar presented by a guest speaker
  3. a roundtable discussion led by respondents​​​​​​

Conferences and symposia

Lectures, talks, discussions and readings

Film screenings and festivals

Exhibitions, workshops and performances