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Families of Belgian refugees outside Hudsons Furniture Repository,  Victoria Station, London, September 1914 - © IWM (Q 53305)

Settlement, treatment and employment of French-speaking Belgian refugees in France, the Netherlands, England and Scotland.

This lecture by Dr Christophe Declercq (University College London) is part of the ‘Uncovering civilian war trauma among female Belgian refugees in Scotland during the First World War’ workshop series.
Student reading on a bench

Civil Disobedience and Democracy

As part of the Edinburgh French Research Seminar Series, Professor Sandra Laugier (Paris Sorbonne) will be giving a talk titled "Civil Disobedience and Democracy". Professor Laugier is a renowned French philosopher but will be speaking in English on this occasion as her topic will be of interest to people beyond the French department. The talk will be followed by drinks in the French Department.
María Nieves and Juan Carlos Copes in "Our Last Tango"
Jan 27 2017 -

Hispanic Studies presents the acclaimed documentary, Our Last Tango (Un tango más), on the life and times of one of the greatest tango dance partnerships ever known: María Nieves and Juan Carlos Copes. This screening is in conjunction with the launch of the newly translated English publication of "I Am Tango. Biography of María Nieves", translated by Elaine Newton-Bruzza.
Close-up of a rose
Feb 17 2016 -

Creating Tomorrow's University One Idea At A Time

This time there is not guest speaker: YOU are the guest speaker. Bring your preferred idea for the University of Tomorrow, University as you imagine and desire it. Prepare a 3 minute Intervention and make your speech in front of the audience. A debate will follow. A seminar run by the Creation of Reality Group as part of Innovative Learning Week 2016.