Centre for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World

Edinburgh and the World of Islam

An interactive walking tour highlighting the many historical and contemporary connections between Scotland's capital city and the Muslim world.

Edinburgh has a long and rich history of contact with the Muslim world


The relationship between the World of Islam and the West has many different dimensions, including the historical, the political, the social, the cultural, and the economic, as well as of course the religious.  Many of these dimensions are illustrated in the history of the relationship between the City of Edinburgh and the World of Islam, and it is these features which this walk is designed to highlight, focusing as it does on a number of different sites around the city which have some kind of connection with the World of Islam. 

Some of these connections are more obvious than others, but between them they illustrate the global reach which the city has had over the centuries; they also illustrate the fact that, not surprisingly, these links have sometimes been positive, in terms of demonstrating mutually beneficial cultural interactions, but also sometimes more negative, with several sites pointing to some of the military confrontations which have taken place over the centuries.


This walking tour comprises five individual tours in five different geographical regions of Edinburgh:

  1. North Edinburgh
  2. The West End
  3. The Royal Mile
  4. South Edinburgh
  5. Leith

Each tour can be found below and comes complete with a Googlemap which will guide you through the route.