Centre for the Study of Islam in the Contemporary World

Ms Nadin Akta

Nadin is the Alwaleed Centre's Outreach and Projects Coordinator and also coordinates day-to-day administration.

Nadin Akta

Nadin moved to Scotland from Syria in 2008.

Her interests in communication and cooperation across cultures led to her graduating with a Masters in Intercultural Business Communication and TESOL from Edinburgh Napier University in 2014.

Since finishing her studies, Nadin has worked and volunteered with a number of different Scottish local councils and third sector organisations, helping to support ethnic minority communities and encourage dialogue and communication across cultures and religions. When Scotland began to welcome significant numbers of Syrian refugees in 2015, Nadin began working closely with Scottish local authorities to help encourage a better understanding of Syrian culture, religion and tradition and support Syrian families as they settled into their new lives and communities.

Nadin is the cofounder of an award-winning tutoring scheme for Syrian teenagers at the University of Edinburgh which matches Arabic-speaking students from across the University with Syrian school pupils to help them on their educational journey, raise their confidence and meet new people.

In her role as Outreach and Projects Coordinator at the Alwaleed Centre, Nadin works closely with key partners in local and national government, education and the wider public sector to help improve public understanding of Islam and challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam and Muslims.

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