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At a glance - workshops this month

Doctoral researcher workshops quick-glance schedule. Workshops this month and next.

Booking: these courses generally open for booking one month in advance of the shown date. If you do not see a live booking link please check back nearer the course date.

Cancelling: If you need to cancel your booking, please do so at your earliest opportunity and at least 3 days before the event. Someone else may be able to take your place, but we need time to contact them. Also, although you are not charged for an event, there are costs we incur (e.g. photocopying, catering) which relate directly to places reserved.

How to cancel: you can cancel your booking via the MyEd Event Booking Channel. Go to MyEd and then the Event Booking Channel. Click on "My Bookings" - here you will have the option to cancel your place. We maintain attendance registers; unexpected absences will be noted. If you consistently fail to attend, or repeatedly cancel with very short notice, you may be prevented from booking future IAD events.

January 2022

Researcher Writing Hour                                                                            11-Jan-2022
Morning Writing Retreat 13-Jan-2022
Collaborative Writing and Publishing 17-Jan-2022
The Writing Process: Getting Started (CAHSS) 18-Jan-2022
Afternoon Writing Retreat 18-Jan-2022
Text: Coherence, Structure and Argumentation  19-Jan-2022
Researcher Writing Hour 20-Jan-2022
How to be Your Own Best Editor (CAHSS) 24-Jan-2022
The Writing Process: Getting Started (CSCE / CMVM) 25-Jan-2022
Researcher Writing Hour 25-Jan-2022
Finding Academic Literature - CAHSS 26-Jan-2022
Text: Coherence, Structure and Argumentation (CAHSS) 26-Jan-2022
Statistics Consultancy 1:1 Session 26-Jan-2022
Morning Writing Retreat 27-Jan-2022
How to be Your Own Best Editor (CSCE / CMVM) 31-Jan-2022

February 2022

Writing Clinic                                                                                                 01-Feb-2022
Researcher Writing Hour 01-Feb-2022
Finding Academic Literature - CMVM 02-Feb-2022
Writing a Literature Review (CAHSS) 02-Feb-2022
Working with your Supervisor and your Supervisory Team 02-Feb-2022
The Inner Game - Exploring Stress, Balance, Resilience and Self-Belief 03-Feb-2022
Speed Reading 03-Feb-2022
Afternoon Writing Retreat 03-Feb-2022
Critical Thinking Workshop for PGR's 07-Feb-2022
Getting Started with Postgraduate Research 07-Feb-2022
Finding Academic Literature - CSCE 08-Feb-2022
Writing a Literature Review (CSCE/CMVM) 08-Feb-2022
Networking Skills Workshop 09-Feb-2022
Beating Writer's Block (CAHSS) 09-Feb-2022
PGR Mid Semester Welcome Event 10-Feb-2022
Viva Survivor 11-Feb-2022
Is My Writing Academic Enough? (CAHSS) 14-Feb-2022
Seven Secrets of a Highly Successful Research Student  15-Feb-2022
Beating Writer's Block (CSCE / CMVM) 15-Feb-2022
Presenting Your Research Virtually - Best Practice for Online (and Live) Presenting 15-Feb-2022
How to Be an Effective Researcher 16&17-Feb-2022
Writing Clinic 16-Feb-2022
Three Minute Thesis Competition Preparation Workshop 17-Feb-2022
The Imposter Syndrome: Why successful people often feel like frauds  17-Feb-2022
It's About Time...Managing Time Personal Efficiency and Effectiveness 18-Feb-2022
Finding Academic Literature - CAHSS 22-Feb-2022
Writing for Publication  22-Feb-2022
Presenting your Research with Confidence 23-Feb-2022
Voice and Presentation Skills Workshop 23-Feb-2022
Is My Writing Academic enough? (CSCE/CMVM) 23-Feb-2022
Statistics Consultancy 1:1 Session 23-Feb-2022
Three Minute Thesis Competition Preparation Workshop 24-Feb-2022
This is what I do… and this is why it matters 24-Feb-2022
Creating Impactful Public Engagement 25-Feb-2022
Being an Effective Remote Researcher 25-Feb-2022
Writing Well: Language and Style 28-Feb-2022