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Institute for Academic Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some questions you may have, including eligibility criteria.

Who is eligible to take part?

Active PhD and Professional Doctorate* (Research) candidates (including candidates whose thesis is under submission) are eligible to participate in 3MT competitions at all levels, Graduates are not eligible.

* Professional Doctorate by Research (Programme composed of at least 2/3 research)

I have just submitted my thesis, can I take part?

  • We will consider applications from all students who are still registered as students at the University of Edinburgh, therefore if you are waiting for your viva, you can take part. If your viva will take place before the date of the University Final you are not eligible to enter the competition.

I have missed the College heats, can I take part in the University final?

  • Sorry, no. Winning the college heat is essential for entry into the final
  • But don’t worry, you can take part next year

I really need to use more than one slide. Can I?

  • No. There really is no negotiation on this!

I really need more than 3 minutes to explain what I do. Can I have 5?

  • No. There really is no negotiation on this!
  • But visit the top tips site for advice on how to develop your presentation.

What training is available?

  • Check the 'training available' page in this section for any relevant training courses in advance of your College heat.
  • Training will be provided for those who get through to the University final.

I don’t really want to be videoed for the finals. Can I avoid this?

  • The U21 final is always videoed, partly for the live streaming, and partly for promotional purposes (both your own and the Universities involved).
  • To help you practice for this, we would like to video the finals for the University. This will help you practice and is the best way for you to get feedback on your presentation.
  • NB College heats are not videoed (unless otherwise stated)

Where will the videos of the talks be displayed?

  • We will upload them all to the University YouTube site

What’s in it for me?

  • There are some great prizes available, but more importantly this is a unique development opportunity available to you.

Can I enter the competition via Skype?

  • No, entry to the University final is in person only

Is the competition just for final year students?

  • No, the competition is for any doctoral researcher at any stage of their doctoral research!