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Edinburgh Teaching Award (EdTA)

The Edinburgh Teaching Award (EdTA) is a recognised route you can follow to work toward the different categories of Fellowship awarded by the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

Becoming a Fellow of the HEA provides national recognition of your commitment to professionalism in teaching and learning in higher education. The Edinburgh Teaching Award is open to all staff within the University who have roles which relate to teaching and/or supporting learning.

How to gain the award

To complete a level of the award you would complete a submission which demonstrates your achievement against the relevant descriptor from the UK Professional Standards Framework. The UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) is a national framework for comprehensively recognising and benchmarking teaching and learning support roles within Higher Education.

  • Edinburgh Teaching Award Category 1 = Associate Fellowship of the HEA
  • Edinburgh Teaching Award Category 2 = Fellowship of the HEA
  • Edinburgh Teaching Award Category 3 = Senior Fellowship of the HEA
  • Edinburgh Teaching Award Category 4 = Principal Fellowship of the HEA

The final submission for each category of the award is through a reflective blog.

Participation in the EdTA (Edinburgh Teaching Award) involves engaging in continuing professional development designed to give you rich opportunities to reflect on teaching and assessment practices in ways that are meaningful and relevant for your particular role and career stage.

If you are unsure which category of the Edinburgh Teaching Award would suit you then the descriptions within the UKPSF (see link above) are a good guide.

Support through mentoring

The EdTA is a mentored approach.  You are allocated a mentor at the start of your journey.  The current list of mentors working with the Edinburgh Teaching Award can be downloaded below:

Edinburgh Teaching Award - mentor list by School

How to apply

Two new cohorts leading to all four different categories of the Edinburgh Teaching Award  (accredited to Associate Fellowship, Fellowship, Senior Fellowship and Principal Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy) each academic year; one normally in November and the other normally in March.

Email your interest to:


CPD Framework contact email

Contact details

Vet School / Easter Bush contact: Queries about joining an Edinburgh Teaching Award cohort from those based in the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies or those based at Easter Bush campus should email:

Edinburgh Teaching Award Resources

Participants, Mentors and Panel Members will need to refer to the following guides and resources:

Software for participants

For WordPress users

Once you have enrolled on the EdTA you will be registered on the EdTA WordPress site. You can then access it using the link below:

Link here to access your EdTA WordPress space (EASE log-in required)

For PebblePad users

The Pebblepad+ Channel is available through MyEd

Log into MyEd (EASE log-in required)

Handbooks and pro formas

If you started your EdTA before September 2017, please refer to Handbook A and the pro forma.

Handbook A: Edinburgh Teaching Award Handbook for Participants, Mentors and Panel Members - updated April 2017 (MS Word)

Edinburgh Teaching Award - proforma for writing about learning and teaching to gain CPD points (MS Word)

If you started your EdTA after September 2017, please refer to Handbook B only (no pro forma).

Handbook B: Edinburgh Teaching Award Handbook for Participants, Mentors and Panel Members - updated 16th Oct 2017 (MS Word)

Reading lists

Edinburgh Teaching Award reading list - Category 1 (MS Word)

Edinburgh Teaching Award reading list - Category 2 (MS Word)

Edinburgh Teaching Award reading list - Category 3 (MS Word)

Edinburgh Teaching Award reading list - Category 4 (MS Word)


Pebblepad exemplars  (blogs, CPD activities, experiences) and Oral Exemplar (Application/Presentation slides) from successful submitters :

Blog Sample 1 for EdTA Category 2 (PDF)

Blog Sample 2 for EdTA Category 2 (PDF)

Blog Sample 3 for EdTA Category 1 (PDF)

Blog Sample 4 for EdTA Category 3 (PDF)

Blog Sample 5 for EdTA Category 3 (PDF)

CPD Example 1 (JPG)

CPD Example 2 (JPG)

CPD Example 3 (JPG)

Experience Example 1 (JPG)

Experience Example 2 (PDF)

Submission dates for registered participants

The next submission dates (and Adjudication Panel dates) in 2017 and 2018  for current EdTA participants are as follows:

  • Submission date : 19 October 2017  (Adjudication Panel Date : 30 November 2017)
  • Submission date: 1 March 2018 (Adjudication Panel date: 6 April 2018)
  • Submission date: 24 May 2018  (Adjudication Panel date: 29 June 2018)
  • Submission date: 20 July 2018  (Adjudication Panel: 31 August 2018)

Please email if you intend to submit.

Appeals Procedure for Edinburgh Teaching Award

The overall procedure for how to make an appeal following an adjudication panel is shown in our EdTA appeals procedure document:

Edinburgh Teaching Award appeals procedure document (PDF)  

If a participant does wish to appeal,  the following form should be used:

Edinburgh Teaching Award Appeal Form (MS Word)

About the CPD Framework for Learning and Teaching

The EdTA is part of the University’s Continuing Professional Development Framework for Learning and Teaching. This Framework is designed to provide all staff involved in teaching and supporting learning with rich opportunities to reflect on and develop their practice throughout their careers.

The Framework as a whole is accredited by the Higher Education Academy. The Framework encompasses a range of credit bearing courses and programmes as well as non-credit bearing CPD opportunities.