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Institute for Academic Development

Principal's Teaching Award Scheme

The Principal’s Teaching Award Scheme (PTAS) provides funding to support learning and teaching enhancement through pedagogical innovation and research.

The PTAS is an annual scheme which aims to encourage and support activities that will make a significant contribution to the enhancement of learning and teaching at the University of Edinburgh, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The scheme aims to:

  • encourage colleagues to explore new practice and innovations in teaching and thereby enhance student learning
  • offer financial resources for staff to engage in inquiry into learning and teaching and share the results across subject areas and Schools
  • disseminate good and/or innovative practice across the University and more widely
  • promote and recognise excellence in teaching
  • raise the status of teaching in the University
  • enhance the quality of the student learning environment through discipline-based pedagogical inquiry and research capacity building

Who can apply

All University of Edinburgh staff with learning, teaching or student support roles are welcome to apply. You don't need any special expertise in educational projects and the IAD can provide advice and support on your bid. We particularly value bids that involve students in the collaborative team.

Levels of funding available

There are two levels of funding available.

  • Small Projects Grant Scheme – up to a maximum of £1,500
  • Regular Grant Scheme – up to a maximum of £15,000

Application deadlines

Application deadlines for two calls in academic year 2017/18 are provisionally set as 26 October 2017 and 22 March 2018.

More information & how to apply

For more information, details on submission themes (if any) and any special calls, and to apply, go to the full PTAS webpages:

Principal's Teaching Award Scheme - full information