Information Security

Information Security Essentials course

Introduction to the Information Security Essentials Course

As staff of the University, we all need to complete this introductory course

To be able to protect information, and protect ourselves, we need to know what sort of things we are protecting from. The "essentials" course shows us.

Start by self-enrolling on the course

The course is in the University on-line learning environment, Learn.

Log in to Learn using your UUN and your EASE password. Learn is here:

University online learning environment, Learn

Within Learn, you enrolling by finding the [Self Enrol] tab. It is the middle tab near the top right of the page. 

Image of tabs from LEARN interface reading from left to right: My Learn, Self-Enrol, Help

Scroll down to find and click on the Information Security Essentials [Enrol] button. There's a copy of this in the Self Enrol (Students) box, and in the Self Enrol (Staff) box. It does not matter which you click on as they both link to exactly the same course.

Once you click on it,  you have enrolled. 

Do the course

Go back to Learn's main window: by clicking the big red [My Learn] tab. You will see that an entry for "Information Security Essentials" has appeared in [My Courses] box.  

Click on that to get started.

The course is a multi-media training module which will introduce you to the basic things you need to know about security of information, especially while using  computers and other Internet devices. It takes about an hour. 

Pass the course

At the end there is a test of twenty questions. If you get sixteen of the questions right, you will be able to print out your Pass certificate. You can take the test as many times as you like. Only your latest attempt will be stored.