Information Security

LastPass Basics

Short summaries of key LastPass features with subtitled video and transcript.

LastPass provide a vast amount of training and support material on their site (link below). What follows are a few of their videos outlining key concepts and features common to both the Student and the Staff user experience:

LastPass Support

Add and Fill Logins


LastPass simplifies logging in to any website by remembering usernames and passwords for you.

When you visit a site, just type you username and password. After you log in, confirm that you want LastPass to save it to your vault. Any time you return to that site, LastPass fills everything in for you.

Or, click the LastPass icon in the field to choose from multiple logins.

No typing required. It's all automated with LastPass.


Filling in Forms


LastPass offers a simple, secure way to automatically complete any form on the web. When you're ready to make a purchase, for example, just click the LastPass Form Fill Icon in the field to choose a profile.

LastPass fills all of your contact information and even your credit card.

No hassle and no typing makes for a faster online experience.


Generating Passwords


LastPass makes it easy to quickly create strong passwords.

As you're creating a new account, click the LastPass icon to use the generate and fill option to make a new password.

Click "more options" to choose the length, which special characters to include and even if you want the password to be easy to read.

LastPass then asks to save this new information to your vault so it's quick and easy to access next time.


Creating Secure Notes


Keep all of life's important items stored securely and conveniently with LastPass secure notes,.

From bank account numbers to your driver's license, your passport number to your social security card, LastPass keeps it all organised and safe.

You can even upload images and copies of your personal documents.

So next time you're booking an international flight from the office you won't need to think twice about where to find your passport number.