Information Security

Encrypting devices and documents

Encryption is easy to use, and provides strong protection for University information.

Encrypt your phone, encrypt your laptop, use encryption on your USB sticks. Encrypting your devices will protect University information if they are lost or stolen.

Encrypt any device where the loss of data could cause damage or distress to anybody.

Ken MacdonaldAssistant Information Commissioner for Scotland and Northern Ireland

If you are working with any sensitive data University policy requires hard disk encryption on any device that is taken outside the University.  It is also recommends that all such devices are encrypted as a matter of course.

Encrypting a computer or laptop

Encrypting a computer protects it if it is stolen, and gives peace of mind if it is lost.

Encrypted containers

Infographic showing devices that are encrypted
Don't try to encrypt files. Create an encrypted container, and store files securely inside it.

Encrypting smartphones and tablet devices

Infographic showing devices that are encrypted
Encrypting smartphones and tablet devices

Use cases

Infographic indicating encryption use cases
Use cases: what type of encryption to use and when.