Record activities related to your research, including editorial work, participating in conferences, and membership of board, committees or networks

Use the Activities module in Pure to record the activities related to your research. Pure includes a wide-ranging selection of activity templates that you can use to describe your research activities.

Some examples of Activities and how to record them on Pure.


Activity records on Pure can be used

  • to keep track of the research-related events that you have attended,
  • to build your research profile on Edinburgh Research Explorer,
  • in your Annual reviews,
  • to create evidence for your research impact, and
  • in the environment section for the Research Excellence Framework (REF) submission.


Linking activities to other content types in Pure, such as impacts, is important to be able to create a narrative and present the full picture of the components that make up the research project or body of research. Important to note is also the distinction between activities and impact. Where activities are usually related to knowledge exchange, impacts are something that often occur later and as a result of the activities conducted. Likewise, press and media coverage is often related to impact and should be linked to accordingly through this content type in Pure.

Use the guides below to add the different types of Activities: