Research Data Service

Research Data Support team

The Research Data Support team can provide personalised assistance finding datasets.


The team are here to help you to:

  • find data freely available on the internet or through University of Edinburgh subscriptions, or to purchase datasets;
  • direct you to subject specialists and resources;
  • get started with advice on your specific data needs. We can match your research topic to data resources including surveys, censuses, mapping and databases;
  • apply for access to and acquire data from national and international data services;
  • make sense of dataset documentation;
  • make decisions about sharing your data such as: documenting, versioning, anonymising, licensing, formatting, citing and preserving data, including choosing an appropriate repository; and
  • analyse and visualise microdata online, and download user-defined subsets of data which can be analysed using statistical software such as SAS, SPSS and Stata.
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