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Request material

How to request material from the University Collections Facility (UCF), including General Collections and Special Collections items. Details are also provided on requesting scans of chapters or articles from General Collections items, for electronic delivery.

Delivery of material from the University Collections Facility (formerly the Library Annexe) is provided free of charge for staff and students of the University of Edinburgh. Interlibrary loan quotas and charges do not apply to requests made from University of Edinburgh Library sites. Details for access to material by Reference Users is given below.

General Collections material

Request individual physical items

If you wish to consult a whole journal or book, you may request the item using DiscoverEd, the University’s Library Discovery Service. The User Guide provides information on how to do this:



Delivery times for requested material

Items can be delivered to any of the University of Edinburgh Library sites. Once collected, material may also be returned to any University of Edinburgh library.

Please note, due to storage limitations at Library Helpdesks, we cannot normally send more than five physical items for consultation at any one time.

Use DiscoverEd to make a request

Request journal articles and/or book chapter scans

There are two starting points from which to make a request for an article or book chapter:

  1. Use DiscoverEd to find a title, as described above, and under the 'Links' section select 'University Collections Facility Scan Request.'
  2. If you know the article or chapter you require, log in to ILLiad.

The User Guide provides information on using ILLiad to make a request for the digital delivery of a scan:



Delivery times for scan requests

You must register with ILLiad to receive the requested scans. Registration is free and needs doing only once.

Use ILLiad to request a scan

Request Special Collections, University Archives and LHSA material

Requests to view this material must be arranged via the CRC reception on the 6th floor of the Main Library.

All such material must be consulted in the specialist reading room in the CRC or at the University Collections Facility, under supervision. Material within these collections may not be consulted in other Library sites, or requested for delivery to other Site Libraries.

How to make a request if you are a reference user

University of Edinburgh Library services are currently restricted to University of Edinburgh students, staff, official visitors and NHS Lothian staff. It is not currently possible to join the library or renew memberships under any other category

Requests for scans of articles or chapters for electronic delivery cannot be accommodated for reference users at this time.

Request the permanent return of an item, a collection or series to the Main Library

Requests for the permanent return of an item, a collection or series of material to the Main Library should be made by using the forms provided.