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How to register for SciFinder

As well as authentication using your University of Edinburgh login, SciFinder requires personal registration which must be done via the URL below

SciFinder registration for staff and students of UoEdinburgh


If you are a student, you may need to use the version of your University email address ending

On completing registration, CAS sends you an e-mail message. Click on the link it contains and follow the instructions for completing the registration process.

Complete the registration process within 48 hours on receipt of the email, or begin the registration process again.


Those who already have their personal login details, use the link below to go to SciFindern

  • Use of SciFinder is for staff and students of the University of Edinburgh only and not for commercial research.

If you have problems or questions about accessing SciFinder, please contact Rowena Stewart, Academic Support Librarian for Chemistry, at rowena.stewart @