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Request a book purchase for the Library

Students - can’t find the book you need for your studies?


Request a Book (RaB) service for students

Use the RaB (Request a Book) service for students to tell us when we do not have a book you require in our collection, and we will try to buy it for the Library.

It can take more than 3 weeks to purchase and make print books available in the Library collection.

Where possible, we will source an e-book version as access is normally available much more quickly than print copies - usually within a 24-48 hours of the Library placing an order.

Use the RaB online form to tell us what book you would like us to add to the Library collection

Other options

Alternatively, you may prefer to submit an Inter-Library Loan request to borrow a print copy of the book which is held in another library - this may be quicker than asking us to buy a new print copy to add to our own collections.

Resources delivered from other libraries

What we have purchased

In 2017/18, we purchased 2,400 print or e-books in response to the requests which students submitted through the RaB service.

Details of the print and e-books which you asked us to add to library collections are shown here: