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The Library regularly arranges trials to new resources. Publishers are usually willing to provide trial access to allow us to use and evaluate a resource before making a decision about purchase.

If you would like the Library to set up a service trial please complete the following form:

Current trials

The services listed below are currently available for a trial period. They are listed by trial closing date.  Your feedback is important and helps to inform decisions about future subscriptions.

Please tell us what you think of the current trials using the feedback form (secured)

Royal Society Archive

Access information:

Access on and off campus. 


Journals from the Royal Society have been communicating the latest developments across all of science since 1665. The journals archive, launched in 2017, contains high quality full colour images of the original publications, and is significantly easier to read and more searchable than previous archive material.

The archive is a major resource for History of Science courses and also covers major works in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Maths and the broad interdisciplinary studies for which the Royal Society journals are so well known. 

With articles by scientists who were prominent in different areas of public life, the archive is a fascinating resource for all History students and researchers working on the post-enlightenment period, whatever their area of interest. Authors include Sir Christopher Wren, Benjamin Franklin, James Clerk Maxwell, Alan Turing, Kathleen Lonsdale, Stephen Hawking and Dorothy Hodgkins. 

Trial ends:


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Age of Exploration

Access information:

Access on and off campus


Explore five centuries of journeys across the globe, scientific discoveries, the expansion of European colonialism, conflict over territories and trade routes, and decades-long search and rescue attempts in this multi-archive collection dedicated to the history of exploration.

*Please note that PDF download options are not available during trials.

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Chinese Newspapers of Modern China

Access information:

Access on or off campus


Shanghai Library has provided us with trial access to the digital archives of 6 modern Chinese newspapers until 16 Feb 2019. 

The six Chinese newspaper archives are:

《小报》The Tabloids (1897~1949).

《新闻报》Sin Wan Pao (1893~1949).

《时报》The Eastern Times (1904~1939).

《大公报》(1902~1949/1952)Ta Kung Pao(1902~1949/1952).

《大陆报》The China Press (1911~1949).

《字林洋行中英文报纸全文数据库》The North-China Daily News & Herald Newspapers and Hong Lists (1850~1951).

Trial ends: 16/02/2019
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Global Digimap

Access information: Access on and off campus. Users are required to register and agree the data licence. Follow instructions provided

Global Digimap is a new service in development with you the users! The service will provide access to global datasets in cartographic styles and downloadable formats that are useful to you. The service provides the following:

  • An easy to use interface to allow you to browse, annotate and print global maps. (Coming Soon)
  • A data download facility to providing access to global datasets for use in GIS software.

Please note that as the service is in development it is subject to change and may be unavailable whilst Digimap work on it. If you have any feedback or have an idea for a new feature or dataset then let us know:

Global Digimap is available free of charge until July 2019 whilst the product is in development.

Expired trials

Expired trials are listed on a separate webpage. 



Privacy statement

Information about you: how we use it and with whom we share it

The information you provide will be used by the Library to support purchase decisions on trialled e-resources.

We will use the supplied information to contact you should there be any queries or problems with eg access issues, platform feedback.

We will use your e-mail address to alert you if the trial has resulted in a purchase/subscription.

We are using information about you because your feedback supports business cases for new e-resources and is part of our contractual obligation.

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