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ScreenOcean Reuters News Archive

ScreenOcean Reuters News Archive

ScreenOcean Reuters News Archive

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Access on and off campus. Choose Login via UK Federation. Registration is required. Follow the registration link for details.


Reuters Screenocean: a free six-month trial to the Reuters News archive “Screenocean”, one of the world’s oldest, largest and most renowned video archives. Reuters Screenocean Archive for Education gives staff and students at subscribing institutions unlimited access to over 1m clips to download and use in student films, video essays and coursework. The clips range from 1895 to the present day, covering all genres from historic newsreels to current affairs, with approximately 150 clips added each day. Students can also share course work which uses the footage non-commercially online, and at exhibitions, events and festivals to promote their work. The trial subscription is available until the end of July 2022 and provides authenticated access to staff and students.

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