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Requesting purchase of e-books

The Library has an e-only collection development policy for journals, and we also strongly encourage academic staff to request purchase of an e-book rather than a print copy (or multiple print copies for teaching).

When we receive your purchase  request, we will automatically search on your behalf for the availability of an e-version.

E-books for teaching

It is important for us to know whether you intend the book to be used for teaching purposes, as this will influence the type of licence which we select for the purchase so that multiple readers are able to access the e-book concurrently.

The Resource Purchase Request forms allow you to specify whether the e-book is to be used for teaching, and this information helps us to identify the most appropriate licence model.

Please note that some academic textbooks are not readily-available for libraries to purchase in e-book format on an institutional licence basis which allows multiple concurrent access by readers. 

However, publishers and specialist suppliers are increasingly willing to discuss specific eTextbooks requirements with us, and although these tend to be available only via an expensive annual subscription model, we will routinely seek quotes for eTextbook delivery in response to teaching requests.


Academic Support Librarians

The Academic Support Librarians are able to offer subject specific support.

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