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Using the Noteable Service

Find out more about how to access the Noteable service

Using Noteable

The Noteable service is available via Learn for all staff and students for teaching purposes. There are no costs associated with the use of this service. This service is locally hosted so we advise you to contact Helpline to ensure that we can accomodate your course beforehand. We are also happy to discuss your specific needs, packages and language kernels in order to allow you to use this service.

Adding Noteable to your Learn course

Adding a link to your Learn course is the easiest way for yourself and students to access Noteable. Using the Learn link will also allow you to set assignments with nbgrader. Use the following video guide to add the LTI link to your Learn course - Video Guide for adding Noteable Course Link. Once you have added the link in Learn any students enrolled on your course will have access to launch the Noteable service via this link.