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Known Issues

From time-to-time you may experience some unexpected behaviour within Media Hopper Replay. If this is the case you can check our list of Known Issues for more information.


We have been made aware of an issue with the Personal Capture Tool failing to record the screen at the default resolution on some Macs. The vendors are aware of this and have published workarounds for the affected machines and resolutions, please see the link below:

As soon as an update is received we will update this known issue.

We are aware of an ongoing issue where some resolutions are not being recorded when an external source is selected, i.e. a laptop. This has been raised with the vendor and we are working with them to try and resolve it.

A workaround has been advised from Learning Spaces Technology, which is to put the device into extended desktop. This will force the resolution of the screen to comply with the recording device and all presentations/content can be displayed via the projector.

We will provide a further update as soon as we hear anything.


If you experience any issues with Media Hopper Replay please report them to the IS Helpline using the button below: