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Known Issues

A list of known issues affecting Collaborate, the workarounds available, and how we are working to resolve them.

From time-to-time you may experience some unexpected behaviour from the Collaborate environment. If this is the case you can check our list of known issues for more information. We welcome feedback on Collaborate so we can continue to improve the service.

Issues Workaround Status
Some users on older or underpowered ChromeBooks and iOS devices (iPads and iPhones) may experience audio breaking up in their live Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session due to hardware configuration and CPU capabilities.
  • Be sure any unused applications on your computer or device are closed
  • When in the Collaborate session, try not to open the Collaborate Panel located on the right side of your session.
  • Do not turn on your web camera unless necessary.
  • Instructor's with students having issue should upload Powerpoint slides to Blackboard Collaborate and avoid using Application Sharing.

Detailed Document of Workaround: 



There is a known issue with Firefox v.61 with attendees using this browser cannot be heard in a Collaborate Session

The workaround is to upgrade the browser to a different version or use an alternate browser (preferably Google Chrome).

Helpful link: Troubleshooting Audio and Video


Icons do not appear in the Collaborate interface when in older versions of Firefox.

Interface icons such as the hamburger menu icon are not visible, but still functioning when the area they would normally occupy is clicked.

Update Firefox browser version or use a different browser, such as Chrome.

Blackboard won't fix this issue due to it being an out of date version of Firefox on University Managed Desktops. Update browser version or use a different browser.

Known issue with PowerPoint slide conversion in Collaborate Ultra experience. Please read here for further information.

Convert the PowerPoint to PDF before uploading the slides to Collaborate

Workarounds are documented on this webpage: Troubleshooting Presentations

Futher help: Best Practice for PowerPoint Slides


Feedback on the Collaborate service

The Collaborate service team are keen for users to provide feedback/suggestions on the service and the tools available within Collaborate. 

If you experience an issue with any aspect of Collaborate please contact: