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Listeria: Create an Automatically Generated List for Wikipedia

Listeria is a tool that can generate an automatically-updating list based on a Wikidata query, which can then be integrated into a Wikipedia page.

Listeria uses Wikidata SPARQL queries to generate a list that is then frequently updated by the Listeria Bot on Wikipedia. Lists made using Listeria are integrated into Wikipedia using information from Wikidata, which means they are constantly updated alongside updates to Wikipedia. Their automation makes them a useful resource to help Wikipedia's information stay up-to-date. 

Creating a Listeria Table 

Using Listeria requires some prior knowledge of Wikipedia and Wikidata, so it's best to be familiar with the basics first. You will need a Wikipedia and Wikidata user account, and to know how to construct a simple SPARQL query for Wikidata. The following instructional videos describe the process from start to end and should be accessible for beginners.  Part 1 is embedded below - the rest of the tutorial is available on Mediahopper and linked at the bottom of this page. 

Video: Listeria Tutorial (Part 1/5)
Introduction video to Listeria wikidata tutorial.

Further Tutorial Links

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