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Other WikiProjects

Other projects you can join to get more involved.

There are many different WikiProjects on the internet and many places online where editors convene to address serious areas of underrepresentation and help curate, improve and patrol content related to these areas. You can find projects on the WikiProjects Directory. Pages are  looked after and curated by WikiProject editors so you can check the Talk page of any article to see the WikiProjects you could join related to that article. For example, today’s Featured Article on X is of interest to the following WikiProjects: X, Y, Z.

Here are some suggested WikiProjects:

Women's Classical Committee

Women Scientists

WikiProject Medicine

  • This is an important project that does lots of great work. For example, on trending medicine topics during major outbreaks like Ebola and COVID-19 and working with volunteer translators to get information in as many languages as possible and available offline in apps and providing articles in 'internet-in-a-box' for places without internet.

WikiProject Novels 

WikiProject Scotland

WikiProject LGBT Studies 

WikiProject Black Lives Matter 

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