Wikimedian in Residence

Ways to Contribute

Once you feel confident using and editing Wikipedia, there are many ways you can use these skills further.

You can book to attend upcoming workshops on MyEd or via the Wikimedia in Scotland page.

Digital Volunteering with Wikipedia

Improve a subject area on Wikipedia you are interested in: be it Scots Law, Gothic Literature, Climate Change, Covid-19 research, International Development, Women in STEM, Black History, LGBT history or anything else that appeals. Improve awareness of how knowledge gets online locally and understanding of your discipline globally.

Join a WikiProject

A WikiProject is an organised group with specific goals such as editing goals related to a specific field of knowledge. Everyone is welcome and there is a wide variety of projects including: WikiProject Women Scientists; WikiProject Novels; WikiProject Scotland; WikiProject Medicine; WikiProject Black Lives Matter and many more.


Edit-a-thons are fantastic organised events where you contribute to specific content on Wikipedia.

Wiki Competitions and Events

How you can get involved in all things Wiki.

Wiki Games

Contributing to Wiki can involve short, fun activities and we have our own WikiGames site to help.