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Find out how members of staff and others can keep in touch with us, and work in partnership with us. You can also join communities of practice for enterprise architects across the Higher Education sector.

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The EA section post occasional articles about our work on a blog.  Unlike the other entries on this page, the blog is world-readable.

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Collaborating on projects

We work with key staff on relevant projects to help you model your business processes, your data, or your applications architecture. We are always open to work with colleagues on connecting your work to the overall University data model and application architecture. If you would like to collaborate, please get in touch.

How Enterprise Architecture can help you

College IT representatives

The Enterprise Architect has regular meetings with the IT representatives of the three colleges.  Members of staff in the colleges may raise issues via their representatives.

Related Groups

Data Stewards

A data steward is the person who is responsible for looking after a particular set of the University's administrative data.  Members of staff may need to speak to a data steward if you wish to use their data set.  

If you are a data steward, you can join the data steward community.  There are events for University data stewards throughout the year to learn about any changes to law, processes or policy.

Data stewards and core data sets

Data Governance Group

The Data Governance Group recommends policies regarding data stewards, data confidentiality, protocols for requesting access to data, and similar concerns.  The group also reviews the federated University Data Model.  Members of staff may contact their representative to learn more about these policies or to raise issues relating to these concerns.

Data Governance Group Wiki (EASE login required)

CRM Working Group

The CRM Working Group champions the use of CRM technology for improving the University’s processes for relationship management.  It has members from several organisational units across the University.  Members of staff may contact members of the group to find out more about CRM initiatives in your area. 

CRM Working Group (UoE only) (secured)

ISG Standards Group

Members of Information Services may contribute to the development of ISG standards by contacting their representative on the ISG Standards Governance Group

ISG Standards Governance Group (UoE only)


External groups

These groups are useful forums for sharing EA techniques and learning from other institutions.

The UCISA Enterprise Architecture community of practice provides a forum for the discussion, development and dissemination of information on effective approaches to Enterprise Architecture.  It runs a mailing list and occasional events.  The CoP also published the UCISA UK HE Capability Model (based on work by CAUDIT in Australia).

UCISA EA Community of Practice

The EDUCAUSE ITANA community group serves as the outreach arm of EDUCAUSE for Enterprise, Business and Technical Architects in Academia.  The group hosts conference calls every second week and organises an annual face-to-face event at the EDUCAUSE conference.


The CRM Network HE is a support and information sharing network for CRM professionals working within the Higher Education sector.

CRM Network HE

EA in other Universities

Many other universities have an enterprise architecture team.  Only a few have public websites, of which the following are examples.

Harvard University

University of Washington

University of Plymouth

University of Michigan